Lindbergh Kidnapping trial
At approximately 8:00 pm, Betty Gow, the families nurse-maid, put Charles in his crib. When she heard a strange noise around 10:00 pm she went upstairs to find that he was missing from the crib. The kidnapping of Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr., was the abduction of the son of Charles Lindbergh and Anne Morrow Lindbergh. The toddler, Charles Lindbergh, was 20 months old at the time. He was abducted from his crib in his family home in East Amwell, New Jersey on the evening of March 1, 1932. A little over two months after the abduction, the toddlers body was discovered in a short distance from the home of the Lindbergh's. When the body was taken to a medical examiner,the family was told that the toddler had extreme skull fracture which was determined to be the cause of his death. This was one of the top tragic stories during the time of the Great Depression.
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Hindenburg Diaster
The disaster known as Hindenburg took place on Thursday, May, 6th, 1937 when the German made passenger ship caught fire in Lakehurst, NJ at the Lakehurst Naval Air Station as it attempted to land. The actual cause of the accident is still not determined however there are many hypothesis and possible reasons as to why the Hindenburg caught fire that day. There are a few theories that go with the accident. They are the "static theory", "the lightening theory", and the "engine failure theory". All of which have valid points and witnesses to defend them, however we may never know the real reason. The passenger ship era would be over after this fatal crash that claimed the lives of 35 people out of the 97 who were on board and also a member on the ground.
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Spanish Civil War
The Spanish Civil War was a major conflict that devastated Spain from July 17, 1936 till April 1, 1939. It began after an attempted coup d'etat by a group of Spanish Army generals who were against the government. The Spanish civil war was also known as what was the cause of World War 2. During these years, a military rising originating in Morocco, headed by General Francisco Franco, spreads rapidly all through out the country, which started the Spanish Civil war. Between 1936 and 1939 over 500,000 people were killed in the Spanish Civil War. Due to that fact, it was not considered a "little" war. There were a lot of problems that happened that affected a great amount of people. Those who governed Spain had a lot of different views on what to do with the country. Therefor, it took a while to find a solution on what to do during war.The government tried to attack those it deemed as having too many privileges in society. By doing this angered all those sectors in society and that had the potential to fight back- the military, industrialists, land owners and the Roman Catholic Church. Some reasons to why the Spanish Civil War started was due to agriculture, the church, the army and regionalism.

Amelia Earhart
What really happened to Amelia Earhart? Till this day, not one person can answer that question. The event of her disappearance made the news, just as everything Earhart had done for the preceding decade had made news. Her first appearance was in 1928, when she became the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. It has been determined that the plane went down some 35-100 miles off the coast of Howland Island. A life raft was stowed on board but o trace has ever been found the raft. Roosevelt demanded many people to search for them. However, by October all hopes were abandoned of finding them alive. People made many theories as to what might have happened concerning Amelia Earhart. Some suggest that she was a prisoner, in another village, or dead. There is not truth to the story. external image earhart-electra+2.jpg