Elegant Fashion in the 30s. This was mostly worn by rich or famous people.

Women Fashion

Since the 1930s was the decade of recovering from the 1929 Great Depression and stock market crash, companies started researching and using cheaper means of clothing manufacturing. New materials that was cheaper to process replaced more expensive materials. The zipper replaced buttons, dresses were made of rayon instead of silk, and rayon for women’s hose was changed to nylon.

Models that displayed business-like clothing were mostly likely to been seen wearing two-piece V-neck cardigans, simple blouses, and button-down wrap skirts. Magazines like “Good Housekeeping” showed women wearing long, flowing dresses with a fairly low V-neck. This was called a “1930s Trousseau” during this time. Coco Chanel and French Designer Madeleine Vionnet were the most famous fashion influences during the 1930’s. Many Paris fashions, though, were too expensive for lower class people during this time.

Accessories, like gloves, was very important. Rouge, lipstick, and eyeshadow were used to brighten their faces, and women used artificial eyelashes that took two hours to apply in a salon. Women's hair was fairly short and generally styled in finger-waves or soft curls with hardly any body.
Vintage Hats

Men Fashion

Men’s and boy’s fashion were unusual during this time since they reflected a major figure, Edward III. A short and baggy knee pant with a round neck sweater was a casual look for men.
Jazz entertainer Cab Calloway, wearing a zoot suit.

During formal occasions and weddings, men wore three-piece suits. More masculine patterns for these clothes were worn during this time as well. Another innovation of the 30's was different hem lengths for different times of the day. The mid calf length was for day wear and the longer length for evening clothes. Men's pants were wide and high waisted.

Swimwear and Accessories

Swimwear for women was more revealing during the 1930’s than before in history, but was still modest. The backs of the swimsuits were very low and were made with mostly neutral colors. Accents with red were commonly used as well.
Swimwear in the 30s

Hats during this time for women were either wide-brimmed, crowned, or of a sailor style. Smaller hats were also created during this period of time. Between 1935 and 1939 scarves were introduced in which they helped women to hold back of their hair up.

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