Frank Lloyd Wright

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external image frank.jpg"...having a good start, not only do I fully intend to be the greatest architect who has yet lived, but fully intend to be the greatest architect who will ever live. Yes, I intend to be the greatest architect of all time." - Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright was born on June 8, 1867 in Richland Center, Wisconsin. Even before he was born, Frank’s mother wanted him to be an architect. When Wright’s father left his family in 1885, he got a job working for Allen D. Conover, a local builder, and began taking drafting classes at the University of Wisconsin. Desperately wanting to go to Chicago, Frank scraped up some money for a train ticket and found a job as a tracer for eight dollars a week. During this time period, Wright developed a prairie style of architecture. After 20 years of marriage to his wife Catherine Tibon with six children, he left her for his mistress, Mamah and fled to Europe. During that time, Frank was working on a house to build for Mamah and himself in Wisconsin. On August of 1914, hired chef, Julian Carleton, strangely locked all but one door and set the house on fire. He killed Mamah, her two children and two others as they tried to run out of the only unlocked door in the house. Wright was devastated and began to work non-stop. During the following months he completed the drawings for the Midway Garden commission in Chicago and then proceeded to rebuild Taliesin. Wright waited until November of 1923 before marrying Miriam Noel. But by April of 1924, the troubled Miriam had left him. She was a drug addict and went crazy, but she wouldn't divorce Wright. While still married to Miriam, Wright had met Olga Milanoff Hinzenberg. Olga moved in with Wright and brought her daughter, Svetlana. Olga had their new daughter, Iovanna on 1959. On April 4th, 1959, Wright had surgery for an intestinal blockage. He suddenly died five days later on April 9th.

Lloyd's Purposes and Statements-

Wright contributed many rules to modern day architecture. One rule he followed by was, "form follows function." Which means the object has to work before it looks good. Wright created the philosophy of "organic architecture," the central principle of which maintains that the building should develop out of its natural surroundings. He had many different styles. During different eras, he would change them up. He would change from romantic to classical to modern. Most of his buildings had a modern theme to it.

Public Reaction-

During the end of Lloyd's life, he gave back a lot to the community. He purchased houses and fixed them up and sold them low underneath market value to poor people. He donated money to different charities and attended many important community events. However, Frank was known as a "player". He was married over 4 times and the marriages rarely lasted long. His characteristics balance him out, but most people enjoyed his work and thought he was a good guy. He was always constantly working on new houses, buildings, designs. The public was pleased by the outcome of his work.


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