Popularity of Movies

During the Great Depression the government did not have a lot money to spend on movies and entertainment. The government hired cheap actors and actresses to work and help people forget about their troubles. Ordinary citizens did not have a lot of money to spend either. Fortunately, going to the movies was cheap and affordable.
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During this period, Walt Disney was a highley recognized entertainer. He was responsible for making many of the movies created in the 1930s. Of the many movies created during this era, The Three Little Pigs and Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs were among them. These two movies had a lasting impact. They are two of the most popular movies to this day.

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Films that showed comedy were also very popular during the Great Depression. They helped ease the mind and relax the people of that time. It was a great way to forget about their troubles and have a good time. Movies about how America fought against the Great Depression become very popular as well. These types of movies gave America the will to keep fighting and striving for a better life.

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