Skyscrapers were a unique American style of architecture to expand businesses by building up rather than out. Many started using this style and the European style was built with a steel frame. The steel frame was like a skeleton frame that was able to withstand and hold unheard of weight. The steel made it possible to build large buildings in smaller areas because of the properties of it. Steel was a innovation which allowed buildings to be built without cement and were able to support everything that was in a building. The most famous Skyscraper, the empire state building, was built in 1931, later was passed by the Twin Towers and the Sears Building. They were built as a testament to the strength and unlimited reach of business. Most skyscrapers were expensive to build but were sponsored by big corporations.

Most were used as office buildings instead of buildings for corporations. They were called sky scrapers because, “without a tower to “puncture” the buildings sky, their flat roofs “scraped” the sky, hence the term skyscraper. The skyscraper was greatly influenced after World War II by curtain wall systems. Skyscrapers were considered modern because they were untried, exciting and new. They were also considered modern because it had to do with the power of science to explain and better the world. There were also races for height because different cities wanted to have to biggest buildings and thought they were defined by them.

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